About Dive Connection

Dive Connection was born out of love and passion for teaching people to dive as well as impart our complete obsession with the ocean and its beautiful creatures.

Having both been involved in the diving industry for many years we decided to pool our resources, knowledge and experience and create a Scuba Diving School that focuses on Training and Education. It is very important to us that our divers enjoy every step of their training and their experiences underwater.

About the owners of Dive Connection

Paul & Mike met in 2004, when they were in Aliwal Shoal doing a Tiger Shark Dive. After six hours of giving each other a hard time on the boat a lifelong friendship was born. Assisting each other on countless courses and dives. They started the ever-popular "Friendship Tour" in 2004.

Their individual teaching and diving styles allow them to cater to a wide variety of people. They also thoroughly enjoy the social aspect of diving while spending hours regaling stories of past adventures and great underwater experiences.

Founder & Diving Instructor

Paul Pedro

Paul Pedro started diving in 2003 and has enjoyed every moment. He has an unmatched love for the Oceana and scuba diving. Paul has been a NAUI instructor since 2004 and has been instrumental in teaching many people to scuba in a safe and controlled manner.

His dedication and attention to detail is reminiscent of his days in the Defense Force. Paul has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Scuba Diving, Training and Marine Life. He is also the life and soul of any party. Paul has been known as the "go to guy" in Mozambique for years. His other passions are Dirt Biking and Spear Fishing.

Partner and Diving instructor

Mike Muller

Michael qualified in 1998, after a chance meeting and a few courses under the correct guidance and instruction from two fantastic NAUI instructors; Michael fell in love with the ocean. It was through countless dives and experiences that he decided to become an instructor and hereby impart his total passion for the Ocean and exercise his love of teaching.

Michael has been a NAUI Instructor since 2005 and remains dedicated to his students through any situation. Michael is a great outdoorsman and too shares a passion for Spear Fishing and Dirt Biking when he is not under the water he can be found in some remote forgotten place.